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Drawn from Memory

A new young adult historical fantasy

Available Now!

Sixteen-year-old Rachel Abramson will do anything to protect her friends and family. It’s a tall order for a Jewish girl in Nazi-occupied Denmark, but Rachel is no ordinary girl. She has the ability to erase a person’s memory. She can use it to make German soldiers forget her face or to make friends forget the grief of a lost loved one. 

     When the Danish resistance attempts to smuggle the Jews to safety in neutral Sweden, her sister is forced to stay behind. Rachel delays her own escape to look after her on her own, but they are caught and deported to the Terezin ghetto in Czechoslovakia. 

     While there, Rachel is confronted with more fear and grief than she could ever erase, and she must find a different way to protect the people she loves if they are going to make it home alive.

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Readers of young adult historical
fiction with a supernatural element
will love this book!

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