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About Laura

Laura is a writer, activist,

and mom. Not necessarily

in that order. 

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Laura was born in NJ, which means she has to fight her genetic predisposition for big hair and pork roll.

After attending Rutgers University, she moved to Massachusetts with her high school sweetheart. They've been married since 1997. Awwww. Old people are so cute.


She got her Masters degree at Harvard University and taught high school history for several years. It was while teaching the Holocaust curriculum, Facing History and Ourselves, that she learned about the story of  Terezin, the camp on which Drawn from Memory is based. 


She left the workforce to care and advocate for her two children, Bella and Jake--no Twilight relation-- both of whom are on the autism spectrum.  


She lives in Massachusetts and is currently eating a pork roll sandwich.

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