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Seventeen-year-old Thea Devereaux is sick of traipsing all over the world with her father’s popular reality television show’s film crew capturing her every move. All she wants to do is go back to her aunt’s cozy little house in New Jersey.


At least this summer’s Caribbean shoot gives her ample opportunity to ogle her brother’s chronically unattainable best friend, Fitz, the only silver lining to this cloud.


Her father’s show sets out to refute supernatural theories about the Bermuda Triangle, but when the ship’s equipment fails, stranding them all on an uncharted island, they prove the legends are all too real. 


Now Thea and her companions face a devastating illness, shared dreams, and threats from a dead woman. Thea must unravel the truth of the island or she’ll never have the normal life she craves.  She’ll be lucky to survive at all.

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